History of our club


started small

We started as a small club in the country that wasn’t able to meet the highest standards and highest requirements. Now, we are one of the leaders and one team that has been conquering all the possible winnings and dominating the matches ever since.

  • 2020Play in the big league

    Now we play in the big league versus some of the largest names and the best-known clubs in the history of this sport.
  • 2015Won the title

    This is probably the most important and the most prestigious thing we have to say. In this year we won the title and we are so proud of this achievement.
  • 2010Major team revision

    The team got 10 major revisions this year. A new coach has been introduced, several players have been replaced and all that in order to become better than ever before.
  • 2000the club was created

    This is the year when it all stated. In 2000 the team played the first-ever match and won which proved others what we can do and how special we are.


Our trophies